Friday, 12 August 2011


I am the Green Giant. My favourite computer game is Batman Ice-Age. My favourite toy is my Batman game, because I have a kind of game/toy thing. I'll post a pic so you can see what I mean. I want a Batman Lego set. I want a pretend flashlight gun....Loads of zombies coming in from 11 o'clock...killer robots coming from 2 o'clock... zap zap zappp... take cover, there's an alien space ship... switch to grenade mode... BANG! Aliens beaming down by the life pods...quick! dodge the abduction lazers... the mega robot is coming... that powers all robots and is a challenge to human authority...zap zap zap zap zappp...BANG BANG BANG BANG!
I destroyed him.
Three mega strong isn't over yet. I have bazooka mode...BANG BANG... AAARRRGHH!!!!
I have missile launcher mode...I should be able to get the big giant spaceship hiding behind the moon...In my imaginary world I will be able to use all high tech machines on my spaceship. In the real world I will be using a sofa and a big box and 2 TV remote controls...  Zoom... I'm getting attacked by pods!..Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz... there's damage to my spaceship...what now?? How do I get this to work?? Ah, my favourite helmet, perfect for shooting a high tech gun with every version of every gun, when outside a mini spaceship, shooting like crazy... zap zap zap zap zappp...BANG BANG... why does a piece of the first spaceship destroyed always have to nearly hit me?! It's time to get inside this spaceship. [SEVEN SECONDS LATER...] Why do they make these events so small?

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  1. Great first blog post! What an exciting story! x